2019.10.25 Mitsuru Morimoto (RIKEN BDR)

Lung development in single cell resolution

2019.09.27 Paul Timpson (Garvan Institute of Medical Research)

Seeing is believing: using intravital (in vivo) imaging and biosensors to guide therapy

2019.09.27 David Croucher (Garvan Institute of Medical Research)

New strategies for precision cancer medicine through mathematical modelling of signalling pathways

2019.09.25 Gregg L. Semenza (Johns Hopkins Univ)

Regulation of Oxygen Homeostasis by Hypoxia-inducible Factors

細胞接着構造を制御する メカノシグナルネットワーク

Using SH2 domains to profile cell signaling and cancer

2019.06.26 Yuri Korchev (Imperial College London)

Scanning ion conductance microscopy of living cell

2019.06.26 Yasufumi Takahashi (Kanazawa Univ)

Nanoscale live cell imaging using scanning probe microscopy

2019.05.17 Otger Campas (UCSB)

Sculpting the vertebrate body axis

2019.05.17 Edouard Hannezo (IST Austria)

Bulk actin dynamics drives active phase segregation in zebrafish oocytes

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