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発生・細胞生物・システム生物学コース[4単位(通年)] – April, 2022 – January, 2023






This course provides an opportunity to engage in cross-cutting discussion, beyond specialized fields, in the broad fields of Developmental Biology/Cell Biology/Systems Biology, and acquire the relevant techniques. Through interaction with experts active within and outside of these fields, this course aims to foster a broad perspective and knowledge, an understanding of disorders, the ability to accomplish joint research, language and communication skills, a sense of social responsibility, and ethical perspectives. By doing so, it will cultivate (1) capable practitioners of medical and life sciences who can explain the mechanism underlying various physiological phenomena, explain the causes of diseases, and contribute to the development of excellent methods of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment; and (2) researchers in mathematics and informatics who can take on a broad array of problems in life science domains. Each monthly seminar basically includes two talks by a young researcher (30 min) and an invited speaker (1 hour) talk. This course will be conducted completely in English. This course meeting is co-organized by Research Center for Dynamic Living Systems (RCDLS), graduate school of biostudies, and Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi).

Due to coronavirus pandemic, we will use the videoconferencing app Zoom for the course seminars.


Jan.20, 2023

(Invited) Ichiro Hiratani (Laboratory for Developmental Epigenetics, RIKEN BDR)

Unraveling the dynamic 3D genome architecture through single-cell DNA replication profiling


Jan.20, 2023

Yoshiaki Nosaka (Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)

A reconstitution of oogenesis under a defined condition from mouse pluripotent stem cells

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