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From January 26 to 27, we had the 12th annual retreat of the course meeting, co-hosted by Graduate School of Medicine and Graduate School of Biostudies at Biwako Club. It was heavily snowing outside, but hot discussion continued within the venue until mid- night . Over 50 attendees included 12 faculty members, post-docs, doctor- and master-course students. A broad range of disciplines was  covered in this meeting, including cell biology, systems biology, developmental biology, mechanobiology, neuroscience, etc. Thus, this meeting provided attendees with the opportunity to widen their scopes and to propose new. The plenary lecture by Professor Taiji Adachi was encouraging for young researchers to change their specialties. In the sessions of long talks, short talks, and flash talks, I was deeply impressed that all members were well prepared for the English presentation, which helped me a lot to widen my knowledge to the research area that I am not familiar with. Last but not the least , I would like to express my gratitude to Tetsuya Watabe and Takashi Kaise for their excellent organization of this meeting.                                                                                                    Michiyuki Matsuda, course organizer.

Retreat announcement for cell, developmental, and system biology course


Date: January 26 and 27, 2019

Place: Place:  BIWAKO CLUB ( > google map )


Attending the retreat and making presentations are essential for getting credits in this cell, developmental and system biology course. The detailed program will be announced in the near future.


If you want to participate in the retreat, please fill out the following questionnaire, and e-mail us at [at

Deadline is 24:00, Saturday, November 17.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---
1. Name (including English name)
2. Affiliation (including English name)
3. Position / Grade
4. We are preparing meals for all participants (dinner and breakfast). If you don't need meals, tell us which meal you are going to skip. And please let us know if you have any food restrictions or allergies. (In this If you answer "I can't eat meat", we don't know whether you can't eat beef, pork, chicken or all.) Please tell us if there is anything else we should keep in mind for you.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---

Before replying, please read carefully below.

0. Cost
 Free! This includes meals we prepare. Note, if you wish some extra stuff like beverage or alcohol, you have to pay on your own on site. To put it simply, free as long as we fix.


1. Access
  BIWAKO CLUB is located in Ohtsu-City, Shiga-Prefecture. We will arrange buses for the participants.  


2. Meals
 We will make arrangements for those with food restrictions and allergies. Please tell us appropriately. Importantly Note, you  In case of vegetarian, what kind of food is acceptable? In flesh, pork, beef or    chicken? Again we don't know well about your requirements, so please tell us in detail to avoid any trouble.


3. Presentations
 This is NOT finalized plan but basically we plan as below. Details will be announced after the call for participants closes.
 All participants are required to make short oral presentations (flash talks) and poster session in English.


4. Guest presenter
 To be announced.


5. Schedule
 Departure time of chartered busses:
  from Yoshida Campus to BIWAKO CLUB: at 12 AM on Jan. 26th 
  from BIWAKO CLUB to Yoshida Campus: at 12 AM on Jan. 27th 
 Please take lunch before coming. Detailed schedule will be announced later.


6. Questions
 Please feel free to contact us (RAs; research assistants) with any questions regarding the retreat. With regard to your credit state, please contact Ikumatsu-san (graduate school of medicine and faculty of medicine, educational course). With regard to earning course credits, please ask Prof. Matsuda.

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