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Department manager: Taiji Adachi

Multi-level biomechanics

Biomechanics research that integrates experiments and mathematics will clarify the role of forces in a multi-layered biological system in which molecular / cellular-level forces and tissue / organ-level forces influence each other and regulate each other's behavior.


Department manager: Keisuke Isobe

Space-time biophotonics

We use pattern light and optogenetic techniques that are controlled not only in time but also in space inside living tissues, which are difficult to visualize due to the effects of light scattering, to visualize and manipulate interactions between multiple cells. ..

Department manager: Tadashi Imayoshi

Biological function manipulation

We will develop genetically modified mouse technology and viral vectors to express fluorescent proteins and functional molecules in specific cell types in model animals, especially mouse individuals. We will also develop new technologies for optical manipulation of cell and biological functions. By applying these technologies, we will clarify the control mechanism of brain function development, plasticity, and regeneration process.

Department manager: Tadashi Uemura

Individual function expression


Multi-omics and molecular genetic / optogenetic methods of molecular mechanisms and neural circuit operating principles that regulate animal growth and aging or behavior in response to inputs from the "environment" such as nutritional balance and sensory stimulation. Reveal through.


Department manager: Yuichi Taniguchi

Genome dynamics system


Comprehensive measurement using technologies such as high-throughput single-molecule imaging and next-generation sequencing to obtain the general principle that the genome dynamically controls the expression of a huge number of genes and reproduces complex vital functions. It will be revealed through a large-scale analysis of the obtained data.

Department manager: Michiyuki Matsuda

Advanced bioimaging


Using fluorescent biosensors, we visualize normally invisible things such as molecular activity and cell function in cultured cells and tissues of living mice, and clarify the principle of cell-cell communication.

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