2020.01.10 Yayoi Obata (Tokyo Univ Agriculture)

Production of mouse oocytes in vitro

2019.12.24 Chii Jou Chan (EMBL Heidelberg)

Mechanochemical feedback control in mammalian blastocyst patterning

2019.12.20 Kazunobu Sawamoto (Nagoya City Univ)

Neuronal migration: strategies for development, maintenance and repair of the postnatal brain

2019.11.29 Kenjiro Kosaki (Keio Univ Hospital)

Learning Biologic Insights from Patients with Undiagnosed Diseases

2019.11.29 Heath Johnson (Princeton Univ)

Optogenetic dissection Erk-dependent cell fates during embryogenesis

2019.10.25 Mitsuru Morimoto (RIKEN BDR)

Lung development in single cell resolution

2019.09.27 Paul Timpson (Garvan Institute of Medical Research)

Seeing is believing: using intravital (in vivo) imaging and biosensors to guide therapy

2019.09.27 David Croucher (Garvan Institute of Medical Research)

New strategies for precision cancer medicine through mathematical modelling of signalling pathways

2019.09.25 Gregg L. Semenza (Johns Hopkins Univ)

Regulation of Oxygen Homeostasis by Hypoxia-inducible Factors

2019.08.22 Yukako Nishimura (Mechano Biology Institute, Singapore)

細胞接着構造を制御する メカノシグナルネットワーク

2019.07.10 Bruce J. Mayer (Univ Connecticut)

Using SH2 domains to profile cell signaling and cancer

2019.06.26 Yuri Korchev (Imperial College London)

Scanning ion conductance microscopy of living cell

2019.06.26 Yasufumi Takahashi (Kanazawa Univ)

Nanoscale live cell imaging using scanning probe microscopy

2019.05.17 Otger Campas (UCSB)

Sculpting the vertebrate body axis

2019.05.17 Edouard Hannezo (IST Austria)

Bulk actin dynamics drives active phase segregation in zebrafish oocytes

2019.04.19 Kosuke Yusa (Kyoto Univ)

Development and application of genome-wide CRISPR screening

2019.03.15 Yoshihiro Hayakawa (Toyama Univ)

Regulatory function of natural killer cells in cancer-associated inflammation

2019.01.08 Yasuhiro Sawada (National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities)

Molecular Basis for "Exercise Is Medicine" - Local Cyclical Compression Modulates Macrophage Function In Situ and Alleviates Immobilization-Induced Muscle Atrophy

2018.12.28 Maria Carla Parrini (Institute Curie, France)

Down-stream oncogenic Ras: the crucial role of the neglected RalB pathway in triggering cancer invasion

2018.12.14 Hiroyasu Kidoya (Osaka Univ)

Structural and Functional Dynamics of Tumor Vasculature

2018.12.12 Wataru Ikeda (KAN Research Institute, Inc.)

Intravital imaging techniques using two-photon laser scanning microscope for various disease models

2018.12.07 Norio Amizuka (Hokkaido Univ)

Morphological assessment of the biological function of osteocytes

2018.11.02 Hisayo Fukuda (Kansai Medical University)

Exocyst Dynamics During Vesicle Tethering and Fusion

2018.10.19 Toshifumi Inada (Grad School Pharm Sci, Tohoku Univ)

Molecular mechanism and physiological significance of quality controls by ribosome dynamic modification

2010.10.12 Yutaka Komura (Kyoto Univ)

Feeling of Knowing or Unknowingの分岐機序

2018.10.12 研究集会『メカノバイオロジー研究を学ぶ, 2018』

2018.10.09 Ken Takiyama (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

機械学習の初歩の初歩(線形回帰)と身体運動科学への応用 など

2018.09.21 Haruhiko Siomi (Keio University)

Transposon regulation in germ line development

2018.08.24 Tomohiro Ishizu and Tsutomu Ozawa (Hamamatsu Photonics)

Imaging seminar - The PMT -

2018.08.01 Hiroyuki Kato (UNC Neuroscience Center)

Inhibitory circuits underlying sensory tuning of cortical neurons

2018.07.27 Edouard Hannezo (IST, Austria)

A unifying theory of branching morphogenesis

2018.06.15 Minoru Yoshida (CSRS, RIKEN)

Chemical Epigenetics

2018.05.29 Ryohei Yasuda (Max Planck Florida Institute)

Biochemical signaling in single dendritic spines: implications for synaptic plasticity, learning and memory

2018.05.11 Rolf Bodmer (The Burnham Institute)

Congenital and lipotoxic heart disease gene discovery using Drosophila

2018.05.11 Karen Ocorr (The Burnham Institute)

From Arrhythmias to Space Travel – Insights from the Fly Heart

2018.05.08 Sakda Daduang (Khon Kaen University)

Basic Information about Some Protein Components in Arthropod's Venom

2018.04.20 Atsushi Mochizuki (RIKEN; Kyoto University)

Dynamical behaviors of complex biological systems determined from structure of networks


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